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Maria Raffaella Dalla Valle

sabato 15 aprile 2017

James V. Schall SJ, Body and soul: The Resurrection of Christ answers our desire to live forever (En)

Let us examine the order of the world, and see if all things do not tend to establish these two chief points of this religion: Jesus Christ is the end of all, and the centre to which all tends. Whoever knows Him knows the reason of everything
- Pascal, Pensées, #555.

For this reason, the Apostle (Paul in 1 Thessalonians) tries to make everyone understand all the effects and consequences that this unique and decisive event, namely, what the Resurrection of the Lord signifies for history and for the life of each one. In particular the community had difficulty not so much in recognizing the Resurrection of Jesus, everyone believed it, but in believing in the resurrection of the dead
- Pope Francis, General Audience, February 1, 2017.

  • The witnesses
  • What does the resurrection mean to us?
  • The logic of the resurrection of the body; transhumanism
  • We do want to live forever, body and soul
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